“May our buds turn into blooms”


When I first took on the position of Editor-in-Chief of the UC Review, I wondered what it would feel like to hold the finished product. Now that I have two beautiful editions filled with meaningful work from both undergraduate and alumni contributors lined up on my bookshelf, I can tell you that I feel fulfilled and proud. However, it's not really because of the physical copy, but more because of what it stands for.


The Winter and Spring 2019 editions of the Review act as physical embodiments of the wonders of a truly dedicated and passionate team. Every step in this process was exciting and enjoyable, and that is because I had driven people working beside me all the way through. I will look back on this experience proud of what we have accomplished and grateful for those with whom I had the privilege of working. In keeping with the Spring theme, I leave with the hope that our buds turn into blooms as we anticipate a sunny future, and I look forward to seeing the heights the UC Review will reach.

—Adina, Editor-in-Chief, 2018–2019